Is a HB Management Position for you?

Unlike our competitors, we don’t put our managers on the till or require them to put stock out. That doesn’t mean they don’t get their hands dirty though. Our managers lead from the front, develop their teams and maintain control of the shop floor.

We encourage our management teams to really stamp their mark on their own store, and afford them much more autonomy than others in the retail industry. This can make the job challenging, but extremely rewarding. What we do is certainly not easy, but being the best never is. Hard work, determination and a practical mind-set will be required (and tested) on a daily basis. What we do is ultimately very satisfying, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart. From head office all the way up to the shop floor, we rely on each and every individual to do their part. As a member of management, others will look for you to lead by example.

Our soaring expansion rate means that over the coming years, we will be looking to our store managers for candidates who wish to graduate in to more senior roles, including relief, area and regional management. With the independence afforded to our managers and graduates, a career with us will enable you to truly stand out and establish your potential.

In the long run, whether you want to remain in your role and continue your mission to run the most successful Home Bargains store of all time, or travel the UK, co-ordinating multiple stores and maintaining the high standards (for which we’re sure you will have earned a reputation!), we will give you our full backing and ensure that you have all of the tools you need to succeed in your field.

Here at Home Bargains, we are genuinely dedicated to supporting, encouraging and nurturing our staff while maximising efficiency and working towards a common shared goal. We provide full training for our candidates, and so retail experience is not a requirement. However when it comes to our store managers, we certainly have ‘a type’. It goes a little something like this:

  • Excellent Communicators – being able to train others is a vital skill for you to have.
  • No Shrinking Violets – there are no perks of being a wall-flower when you’re at the helm of a Home Bargains store! You will need to make sure that you are in control and that you are effectively and continuously communicating with your team.
  • Creative – you will have a lot of say as to how your store looks every day. It’s a real perk to be able to stamp your mark on your own store, but with so many bargains at your disposal, space management can pose a big challenge and having the vision to merchandise successfully is essential.
  • Problem Solvers – no one day in HB is like the last, so being able to think on your feet is very important.
  • Inquisitive Minds – no stone should be left un-turned. As a HB manager, you will need to question everything and never take anything for granted.

Store Management Training

Ever started a new job and felt like you’ve been thrown in at the deep end with no real support or guidance? At Home Bargains we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading training that will make sure your career with us starts with a bang. Whether you’re joining us at Area Manager level or as a Store Supervisor, our teams are ready and prepped to give you the best start possible.

As we do in all aspects of the company here at HB, we want to invest in our people. We believe that in order to utilise your full potential, we need to prepare you with all of the information and tools you need to help you succeed. We don’t want you to stand still, we want your career to grow and grow, so we will help you along the way.

In order for you to be able to deal with our fast-paced, challenging stores, we believe you need to understand the business from the ground up, and our training will help you to do this. All of our training courses mix the practical with the theoretical, as we believe that only hands-on experience, combined with a thorough comprehension of company procedures, will enable you to truly understand and cultivate the ‘why and how’ of the way do things.

Training to be a manager with us isn’t easy. The courses will apply pressure, test your managerial skills and require you to work outside of your comfort zone, but you won’t be doing it on your own. Along the way you will be given expert guidance, encouragement, support and constant feedback to help you learn and push yourself forwards. We guarantee that at the end of our training course, you will have achieved beyond even your own expectations.