Working with new suppliers

We are always keen to hear from prospective suppliers.

We operate an open buying policy so there’s no need to make an appointment

If you come to see us, you will always be seen and we will give you a quick decision.

However, if you are travelling a long distance, then you may want to call the day before to check that the appropriate buyer is in. Call us on: 0151 530 2920 or email us via our contacts page.

Product Lines

As well as standard lines, over 30 per cent of what we sell is one-off, clearance or closeout products. We have particular expertise in handling these types of products and offer distinct advantages to manufacturers who are looking to clear products quickly and painlessly:

  • We provide controlled disposal, exclusively through our own stores, with no products offered on the open market or to other retail outlets.
  • You can expect quick disposal of your products, since our retail outlets sell products very quickly, with little impact in the market place.
  • With our 5A1 credit rating, you can look forward to fast, prompt and reliable payment.
  • We will give you a quick purchasing decision on the products you want to sell.
  • You can sell virtually all your surplus goods to us, since we handle large and medium-sized disposals.

Our warehouses operate 7 days a week and you can book in your delivery as soon as we place an order with you.

You can contact our buying department on:

Tel: 0151 530 2920 or by email via our contacts page.